Description:Operating voltage: 2.5 V to 5.5 V
Supply current: 6 mA

PIN     Description
VIN     This is the main power supply connection, and it should be powered at 2.5 V to 5.5 V. The SCL/SPC and SDA/SDI level shifters pull the I²C and SPI bus high bits up to this level.
GND     The ground (0 V) connection for your power supply. Your I²C or SPI control source must also share a common ground with this board.
SCL/SPC     Level-shifted I²C/SPI clock line: HIGH is VIN, LOW is 0 V
SDA/SDI     Level-shifted I²C data line and SPI data-in line (also doubles as SDO in 3-wire mode): HIGH is VIN, LOW is 0 V
SDO     SPI data-out line in 4-wire mode: HIGH is VDD, LOW is 0 V. Also used as a 3.3V-logic-level input to determine I²C slave address (see below). This pin is not level-shifted and is not 5V-tolerant.
CS     SPI enable (chip select). Pulled up to VDD to enable I²C communication by default; drive low to begin SPI communication.
DRDY/INT2     Data ready indicator, a 3.3V-logic-level output. HIGH (3.3 V) indicates angular rate data can be read. Can also be configured as a FIFO interrupt. This output is not level-shifted.
INT1     Programmable interrupt, a 3.3V-logic-level output. This output is not level-shifted.

Package Included:
1 X L3GD20H Module

Harga : 110.000 + Program Arduino

CP : 085733598653

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